All ACU members are required to deposit the minimum amount of NAfl. 25,- to save shares. A share is the amount of money a member contributes with to the capital of the credit union. The shares of all members together constitute the working capital of ACU. All loans are paid with the working capital. In accordance with the Articles of Association, each member must have at least one share in the ACU. The value of a share is NAƒ 50, =. It is up to you how many additional shares you want to save. By saving shares, you will not only increase your own participation in the fund, but also increase the capital of the credit union.

For more details on saving in shares, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


Depósito 2.75%

A Deposito is a savings account where you can withdraw money at any moment from. You can do so by withdrawing from the ACU service desk or at one of our ATMs. The advantage of saving through ACU is that you will receive a higher interest rate than elsewhere (2.75% per year) and the interest payment is credited monthly to your savings account.

For more details on Deposito, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


Saving for annual expenses 2.75%

You can save up for recurring annual expenses like your holiday or your children’s studies on a special account. Unlike the Deposito Savings Account, you cannot withdraw money from this account through the ATM. However, you are welcome to withdraw from your savings at one of our service desks at our office whenever when you want to. This savings account bears an annual interest rate of 2.75%.

Long Term Deposito (DALP) 1 year 3%, 2 years 3.5%, 3 years 4%

Long Term Deposito is a special savings account, which secures the saved amount for a period of 1 year. You may withdraw your money prematurely, but this means that you will receive less than the normally applicable rate for the Long Term Deposito. There is an interest rate of 3% 1 year, 3.5% 2 years, 4% 3 years, that applies to the Long Term Deposito. For more details about the Long Term Deposito, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


Abeguitu PLÙS 5.25%

The young learn from the elder: the Abeguitu PLÙS account is great for teaching your children how to save from an early age. Abeguitu PLÙS is a savings account for children and young people aged 0 to 27 years who are still in school or pursuing their higher studies. There is an annual percentage rate of 5.25% that applies to this savings account. For more information about the Abeguitu PLÙS savings program, look up the Abeguitu PLÙS Youth Savings Account Agreement and the Abeguitu PLÙS Youth Savings Account Terms & Conditions.


Make use of your savings potential!

It’s always nice to have an amount saved up that you can fall back on, such as expenses that you cannot cover off your monthly salary. Or a financial setback, such as an unexpected major car repair. Everyone’s situation is different and at the ACU we have something for everyone.