Family Plan

ACU is not only for members but also for the rest of the family. We from ACU see our Credit Union members as a big family and are continuously working on improving our services to benefit them and their families. We offer the following benefits for your family:


Annual Trip

An annual cultural trip which is both interesting and educational. During this trip the family can learn about the history of different societies worldwide and the way the population works together to get ahead. The purpose of these trips is to involve members and their relatives with ACU


Children Savings Accounts

With the Abeguito PLUS savings program your children can become more acquainted with the benefits of saving at an early age. Abeguitu PLÙS is a savings account for children and young people aged 0 to 27 years who are still in school or pursuing their higher studies. There is an annual percentage rate of 5.25% that applies to this savings account. For more information about the Abeguitu PLÙS savings program, look up the Abeguitu PLÙS Youth Savings Account Agreement and the Abeguitu PLÙS Youth Savings Account Terms & Conditions.

Risk Insurance on shares

An all risk insurance on your shares and loans which will ensure that the family is not left behind with outstanding debts, in case of death of a parent.

The family may also be eligible for an additional life insurance collection. This collection is dependent on the amount saved up by the parent(s)


Funeral insurance

As a member of ACU you can  insure up to a maximum of 5 family members to help protect them from the potential burden of having to cover each other’s funeral costs.



ACU members can benefit from attractive discounts on their purchases from a number of companies. You must present your ACU membership card at checkout to the participating companies.



Please register your family members today, so they can also enjoy and make use of our many benefits now and in the future.