ASKA Funeral insurance

 6 different packages

As a member of ACU you can  insure up to a maximum of 5 family members, being:

  • Spouse or a registered life partner of the insured
  • Parents of the insured
  • In-laws of the insured (parents of the spouse or partner)
  • Biological or adoptive children of the insured ages 30 or youmger
  • Nieces and/or nephews of the insured ages 18 or younger (Blood relative)
  • Siblings of the insured (Blood relative)
  • Biological or adoptive children of the insured with a disability (no age limit)


> Package A

> Package B

> Package C

> Package D

> Package E

> Package F

Monthly premium

ANG. 20,10

ANG. 27,15

ANG. 40,35

ANG. 53,25

ANG. 68,40

ANG. 77,85

Insured amount

ANG. 3.000,-

ANG. 5.000,-

ANG. 7.500,-

ANG. 10.000,-

ANG. 12.500,-

ANG. 15.000,-

Maximum age requirement on starting or changing an existing insurance policy and of payment in case of death

a) The Maximum age allowed to start an insurance is 80;

b) In the case of an 80 year old wanting to become insured, it is still possible. The insured will receive a one year payment plan

c) In the case that the insured is 50 years old and has a family member also insured in his policy, who happens to be 30 years  or older. The insured who is 30 years old will be recognised as the main insured

d) In the case of death of the main insured, another insured family member will become the main insured so that the active policy can continue

e) Any amendments necessary for the existing insurance policy must be approved by ASKA

f) In the case of an insured being older than 75 years and the insured passes away within one year of starting the insurance, ASKA will limit the insured amount to 90%

g) If the insured dies within one year of starting an insurance policy, due to an illness which is known to us, ASKA wil limit the insured amount to 90%

h) In all other cases the full amount insured will be paid out (100%)

i)  The payment for the insurance will be paid until the insured is 80 years old (maximum age)