Penshonado Package

At ACU we see your retirement as the time for you to enjoy your well-deserved rest and freedom. With that in mind, we created the ACU Penshonado (senior) package to suit the needs of our retired members. This package is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our retirees, with high interest rates, free transaction fees and accessible loan facilities. Do you have a dream you still wish to see fulfilled? It does not matter whether you’re 60, 70 or 80. You can still qualify for a loan. We will secure your loan in such a way that your financial obligations will not be a burden to your loved ones, should anything happen to you. You are able take out a loan that is worth a maximum of 10 times your share balance.


Savings possibilities for Penshonados


Current Account

Our current account for retirees allows you to access your pension through our ATMs. ACU offers you a 2% interest on the balance of your current account. You can also use your current account to make transactions and automatic transfers without additional charges.


With our traditional Deposito savings account, you can save each month, with no additional charge, at a rate of 3.7%. There is no monthly minimum to save on your Deposito.

Long Term Deposito

Our Long Term Deposito makes it possible for you to invest your saved money at the best rates on the market, with minimum risk. The Long Term Deposito has an interest rate of 4% per year.

Loans for Penshonados

There are no additional charges for any other services at ACU, besides the interest rates that we charge all members who take out a loan, (which is part of ACU’s loan agreement). You can also use our ATMs to authorize automatic transfers at no additional cost.


The advantages of the ACU Penshonado package in a row

  • Special service desks for seniors
  • 2% interest on your current account
  • Accessing your balance with our ATMs at no additional cost
  • All your financial transactions without additional charges
  • The ability to take on loans regardless of your age.


Social Activities

The ACU wishesto be your financial partner and a friend who knows and upholds your needs as a senior citizen in the broadest sense of the word. Therefore, we regularly organize social, cultural and educational activities, where we give special attention to our retirees


Early Retirement

Are you going to retire early? Do not forget to register at the ACU as a retiree order to benefit from the advantages of Penshonado Package