Pagafasil serves to quickly and conveniently pay your monthly bills of the major utility companies. Payments made with Pagafasil, provided before 18:00 PM, are transferred the following day to the account of the following authorities:


  • UTS
  • TDS
  • Aqualectra
  • Selikor
  • Pagatinu

Vehicle Tax Payment


You can use the service desks at ACU to pay your vehicle tax. In order to process your payment, we need the following documents:


  • Your tax card from the previous season
  • A valid inspection card
  • A valid vehicle insurance


Non ACU members have to pay the required amount in cash, ACU members may pay in installments with their ACU account.


Companies with payment services

We also provide banking services at our office or through E-Branch. ACU members can transfer money to any domestic or international bank account by using one of the following services:


  • Domestic and International Money Transfers
  • Pre-Arranged (Bill) Payments
  • Withdraw Money